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Logan Kehoe Power

• Character Artist • 3D Generalist
• Real Time Cinematics

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Personal Work
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Past Employers

Client 3


VAD Lead / Lead Character Artist

Client 5

Aaron Sims Creative

Character Arist

Client 6

Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Character Artist

My Skill Tree

Perks gained by working with me!

3D Character and Creature Modeling

From all things Human to out of this world!

I have extensive knowledge in modeling characters and creatures. My modeling standards include having game ready poly counts, clean topology for rigging and highly detailed textures/shaders.

Real Time Artist

Unreal Engine Pro!

My skills go beyond characters. Diving deep into Unreal Engine. Cinematics, blueprinting, material creation, real time virtual production, and environment creation are some of the many disciplines I have developed.

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